Is it enough to ASK for Peace?
Or use something stronger?
Perhaps say, "Pretty Please?"
Or Must We just wait longer?

Calling All Hippies, many Tribes,
We’re All ‘Birds of a Feather’.
Let’s Now, ‘Raise Our Vibes’,
Demanding PEACE, together!

Next Equinox, September 21,
A Million Hippies for Peace,
Will March, In Washington.
Join Us, won’t you please?

A Million-Hippie-March...

In cooperation and in conjunction with Normal Bean and The Universal Love Family, this completely non-political venue in Washington, DC, will be a Celebration Of Peace For All.


Next Steps...

See the Tour schedule and caravan your busses or share a ride, but be sure you're with us (at the original Woodstock site) during Hippie Thanksgiving, (August 15, 2019), with many venues along the way, and many well after! Watch for developments!